For years I have been in love with the music this band created, the men who created it and how that saved my life and I have never doubted them, ever. I love this band with all my heart and late last night I came across a screen shot of their website. 5 lines of complete despair. At first I thought it was a hack or a tease comment about the killjoy era ending, then I accepted it. They’re not coming back. Not for a long time at least. I’ve cried, felt lost and most of all, angry. I was angry at the false hope the band had given us fans about MCR5, it was just a hint of the 5 lined paragraph stating their end. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gerard but deep down I will always feel some anger towards the way they announced the end and I’m happy they released the scrapped 4th album songs, we now know how the band could have turned out if Danger Days was not released. It answered questions apart from why they split.